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Cut the stress and anxiety, gain clarity in your business, and build a mindset of success.

(In case you were wondering.. "Clan" ---> definition: a close-knit group of interrelated families, especially in the Scottish Highlands.. sorta had me cracking up at first. I imagined us all wearing those Scottish man-skirts and running around the hills... :p... anyyywwayyyy back to business.. Check out the video below.)
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Pssst.. yeah I'm speaking to you!!

Pay close attention to what I'm about to share with you!!

Dude, I'm going to be straight up with you. 

You don't have to be on this journey alone. 

In fact, why would you decide to isolate yourself? 

Right now is when you most need to surround yourself with powerful peers. 

And I speak from experience. 

I've been there.

I built my first business in 2014 --> an app-development idea.

And in 2016 I launched my online coaching and consulting firm. 

And I am now onto my 4th venture. 

And I remember every single step of my entrepreneurial journey. 

The long hours and the confusion around which next step to take. 

"Should the focus be on Facebook, Instagram or Google.. oh and what about Pinterest..??" 

"Should I be using Facebook ads?"

"Should I be using SEO on Google?"

"Does my logo look ok? Will it even matter?"

"How does my website look like? Do you think it looks legit?"

"How do I write powerful sales copy.. wait.. actually.. what is sales copy?"

"How do you write powerful content?"

"How do I share my message to really connect with my prospective customers?"

"I don't really know how to engage with my audience.."

"What's the best way to convert a lead?"

"How do you run a sales call?"

"I don't have the motivation right now."

"I'm not being consistent enough!"

"I just want to sleep a little longer. I'm just going to snooze the alarm once.."

"I feel so lost right now!"

"Does it have to be this hard? Will it always be this way?"

"What should I do now?"

"What if this is the wrong strategy?"

And I remember feeling the anxiety and stress around money and deadlines. 

As entrepreneurs, we all have to deliver results. 

And while we work on our ventures,

On those visions of ours and on that bright future that we see for ourselves,

In the background, the investments, expenses, and debt are slowly mounting 

and the bills need to get paid. 

And still, no revenue coming through. 

"Why isn't this working?!?"

"How do I crack the code?"

"I wonder what my friends must be thinking.."

"I need to make this work!"

"How could I create a client right now?"

"How do I get my product to sell?"

"Should I download an E-comm training?"

"What's this E-book?"

"Should I watch that seminar..? It probably has all the answers I'm looking for!!"

Here are the facts bro. 

The internet has all the answers available to you. 

Anything you want is at your finger tips. 

Which is both incredibly amazing... 

BUT also incredibly confusing for most. 



That is why I created this influential support group.

To give you a place to have those conversations.

To allow you to engage with other high-achieving, hungry and obsessed entrepreneur leaders like yourself.

And to get access to the best information at the right time. 

That's what this membership tribe is all about.

Listen up and mark my words: 

The most successful companies of the future will provide specific and high-value content and support exactly when and where their customers need it. 

The more seamless and intuitive your business structures are the more you will win. 

Join us today. 

I've been in your exact shoes,

gone through the exact same experiences 

and so have every single one of my clients. 

And at the time I felt very alone on my path. 

I still remember the exact turning point.. the day it all shifted for me. 

The day it all changed. 

When I decided to reach out for some help. 

I was initially mentored by the #1 performance coach in the UK called Michael Serwa.

And then by one of the top mindset coaches in the US based in LA, Juvan Langford. 

And I finally recently was coached and mentored by AJ Mirzhad who's business is based in New York City. 

All of these 6 and 7-figure business gurus taught me the key mindset tricks and strategic business skills to really grow my own business. 

It's also at this point that I started realizing that building my own powerful mastermind and surrounding myself by the smartest people I know was key. 

Which is exactly what I did. 
And so this group is an extension of all I have learned and all that I stand for. 

This membership cohort is composed of entrepreneur legends like yourself. 

Looking to create a revolution. 

We want you to partner with us and bring your experience and knowledge to the table. 

Let us also share our experiences and savvy tech and business acumen with you in return. 

You have the option right now of joining me and integrating this powerful environment of go-getters that will support you and nurture your development.

We are all in this together.

We really are.

And I want to see you succeed.

But this will only happen if, and only if, you have the right elements in place and the resourcefulness to achieve your goals. 

Join me and a fun group of inspired badass entrepreneurs that will help you grow your business and lifestyle. 

Make a move now.. before it's too late. 

What are you waiting for?

Don't be another one of those "I'll make a change tomorrow" people.

I see you. 

I acknowledge you. 

And I praise you for stepping up into the entrepreneurial arena.

Now let's get you playing at a whole new level.

Yours sincerely, your coach and #1 supporter,

Nick Charlet

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